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The Republican Roosevelt

The Republican Roosevelt

Since Paper Masters custom writes every research paper, we can use any source you need and reference any type of reading material that your professor dictates. For example, John M. Blum's book The Republican Roosevelt is an excellent source when writing on the political career of Theodore Roosevelt. Below you can see how you can write a book review on Blum's book about Roosevelt.

The book The Republican Roosevelt by John M. Blum

Book Review Instructions on The Republican Roosevelt Research Paper:

  1. LENGTH. Typical book reviews should be a minimum of two pages and a maximum of three type-written (double-spaced) pages.
  2. FORMAT. Reviews should be organized as follows:
    1. Identification of the book - Identify your book in full.
    2. A brief summary - A factual summary of the book in one substantial paragraph that is comprehensive but concise and not over one typed page.
      1. No chapter-by-chapter description, but a brief bird's-eye-view only
      2. It should concentrate on the book's theme
      3. Make it general yet all-inclusive
    3. What is the thesis of Blum's The Republican Roosevelt? - This is the most important section of the entire review. The dictionary defines the term "thesis" as a "proposition to be maintained by argument." To read critically the student must endeavor to see through subject matter to the thesis or message which the author is trying to put across.
      1. Study the external appendages of the book for hints as to Blum's thesis or theses. Look for a clue to the author's purpose in the subtitle, the forward, the acknowledgements, the dedication, the preface, or any other type of front matter.
      2. Does Blum bluntly assert his thesis (explicit), or does he hint at it (implicit)?
      3. Indicate that you have located the passages external to the body of the book by quoting briefly. Give exact page references to the passages you quote to illustrate the Statements in which the author asserts or implies his intended thesis.
      4. If the author does not assert or hint at his thesis in the external appendages,
        what thesis do you find implicit in the body of the book itself?
      5. Then state your idea of a central thesis as concisely as you can in your own words. After doing this, support your contention with three or more brief passages quoted or paraphrased from the book, giving page citations with each.
      6. If you feel there is more than one thesis, identify each in your own words and support your claim with evidence as prescribed above.
    4. You need to present an objective evaluation of Blum's work.
      1. The author's sources: Add here a brief note on bibliography or sources of
        Information used by the author in writing this book. First, list the places in which the author tells you what his sources are, if any. An author may include a list or formal bibliography at the end of the book, but sometimes sources are indicated in footnotes and nowhere else. Second, where possible, answer the following questions: Did the author use primary sources or first hand information (letters, government documents, personal papers, newspapers, diaries, etc.)? Mention a few of the primary and secondary sources heavily relied upon by the author. Is the bibliography critical? That is, does the author make comments which weigh and evaluate his sources, or is it uncritical, a mere list with no comments?
      2. The author's treatment of his material: Did his bibliography give any indication that he consulted source materials representing different and rival points of view or several opposing sides to the question in hand? If so, did the body of his work really reflect these rival views? Does the author make unsupported assertions, presenting opinions without facts to back them? Does he make sweeping generalizations on insufficient evidence? Illustrate from the book and give exact page references for each example.
      3. Drawing conclusions: On the basis of the evidence above you should now be ready to reach an objective conclusion on the question at issue: Is the book trustworthy? Does the author sell his thesis convincingly? Do you accept the author's thesis and conclusions fully, or do you hold reservations and qualifications? Explain your answers.

A SUGGESTION: You may want to read the published reviews of your book if any are to be found.Read reviews in the New York Times, Saturday Review, New York Review, American Historical Review, Journal of American History. You can find your way to the above Reviews via the Book Review Digest.

    CAUTION: Some students may be tempted to read the reviews before Reading the book. Some may even try reading them instead of the book. RESIST THE TEMPTATION!! IT IS DANGEROUS!

Some tips concerning grammar and style (These are mistakes students commonly make):

  • Do not get over-enthusiastic in your evaluation i.e., "could not lay the book down" or "brilliant" or "superb."
  • Avoid split infinitives. A split infinitive is still sufficiently low-brow as to merit its avoidance.
  • Avoid personal pronouns such as "I" or "me."
  • Never use contractions in formal writing.

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