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Presidency Book Review

Presidency Book Review
Many different books overview the presidency and the various ways the different presidents have handled their executive duties. Paper Masters custom writes all research and can produce for you a book review or research project on any political science topic.

BOOK REVIEW: You can choose any book on the presidency to have our writers custom write a review of the book. If you choose to write your own book review, use the guidelines below to know what elements you should have within your book review. While this page tells you how to write a book review on the presidency, you can use this outline for any book review on any topic.

How to Write a Book Review on the Presidency

A Good Book Review on the Presidency will include the following elements:

  1. INTRODUCTION- Include the subject of the book and the purpose of the author in writing the book. Be sure to include the full name of the author and the title of the book when you are introducing it.
  2. Evaluation of the Author - Include the qualification, education and history of the author. You may also want to list other works of the author if they are relevant to the book review that you are writing.
  3. SUMMARY OF THE BOOK: Give a summary or overview of the book in a brief section.
  4. CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Critically analyze the goal of the author. For example, was it meant to inform the reader, entertain the reader or persuade the reader.
  5. PURPOSE: Did the writer achieve his purpose? Did he develop his thesis well? Do you see his point of view? What audience did the author write the book for?
  6. OBJECTIVITY: What the author's opinion balanced or biased in his approach to the subject?
  7. SOURCES: What sources did the author use to make his points? Were they primary or secondary sources? How well was the book documented?
  8. PROFESSIONAL REVIEW: Locate one professional review on the presidency book that you are reviewing and evaluate the reviewers evaluation of the book? Was it positive or negative? Do you agree with his/her points or not? Be sure to cite the review.
  9. PERSONAL SUBJECTIVE JUDGMENT: Personal opinion of the book. Do you appreciate the author's point of view?
  10. RECOMMENDATION: Would you recommend this book? Why or why not would you recommend it?

Example Presidency Abstract:

The following study examines the presidential agenda in broad, thematic terms as an entity for research in and of itself. The presidential agenda is examined independent of party politics, specific presidencies, although specific presidencies are utilized to illustrate certain points. The role of executive orders is examined as a way to establish a connection between presidential acts and the presidential agenda. The conclusions reached imply further work needs to be done in regards to the presidential agenda and the public theater as well as a more refined examination of the presidential study as a discipline in its own right independent of other umbrella disciplines.

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