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Kennedy nixon debate

Kennedy Nixon Debate

Kennedy Nixon Debate research papers illustrate that September 26, 1960, confirmed a revolution in American Presidential politics. This was the date of the first Nixon-Kennedy debate and the research paper on the Kennedy Nixon debate examines everything about the debate.

The debate was moderated by Howard K. Smith. In the Fall of 1952, Nixon had been the beneficiary of the power of television. After giving a speech on TV, Nixon had been transformed from a problematic Vice-Presidential candidate of Eisenhower's to a martyr of his enemies and a positive part of the Republican ticket. This transformation had demonstrated in "primitive power" of television in American politics. In the first debate with Kennedy, however, Nixon was not to be so lucky.

  • Television worked against Nixon.
  • Nixon was tired from campaigning, and this came across over television.
  • Nixon had lost five pounds form the ordeal of campaigning, and had spent some time in a hospital.
  • Nixon spent the time before the debate alone after appearing before a hostile audience of of members of the The Union, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners.

Out of communication with his closest advisors, Nixon had little idea of what he would be facing and how to respond under the circumstances in addition to feeling poorly physically and psychologically. Kennedy, however, had been preparing carefully for this first debate, and had been in communication with his best advisors. He was rested and had been briefed thoroughly.

Seventy million Americans watched the Kennedy Nixon debate, which is a fact that should be in every research paper. Nixon behaved as if he were in a debating contest. He debated Kennedy directly, rebutting and refuting his contradictions and errors as if he were trying to win a debating contest. Kennedy, in contrast, addressed himself to the unseen audience. Considering how he felt and how little preparation he had, Nixon did well. Persons who listened to the debate on the radio or who listened to a recording of its afterwards thought that Nixon won the debate. His points were more cogent, and his rebuttals and refutations pertinent. But persons who watched the debate thought Kennedy had done better. Show both sides of the opinion in your custom political science research paper on the Kennedy Nixon debate.

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Kennedy nixon debate Research Papers

The Kennedy Nixon Debate was a historical moment in politics, as it was the first televised debate and was researched as the reason that Nixon lost the election.

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