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Incest and Impact On Parenting

Incest and Impact on Parenting

Studies on incest and the impact it has on parenting can be summarized in research papers that are custom written. You dictate the elements of the issue of incest and parenting our writers custom write the project according to your specifications.

Following the assumption that incestuous assault may have a significant influence on the capabilities of survivors to successfully parent their own children, research papers by Paper Masters have conducted a study to determine the perceptions of female incest survivors on its influence on their parenting attitudes, abilities and skills.

The primary objective of a study on incest and the impact on parenting may be to examine the following:

  1. Examine more than the specific characteristics of the incest survivor
  2. Expand on past and current research
  3. Examining the complex family makeup and interactions that precipitate incestuous assault in childhood
  4. Examine the developing perceptions of others and the attitudes about self that result

The study is relevant to child development in that, however brief or lengthy the experience of childhood incest may be, it can profoundly affect how the child perceives himself and others, especially those in positions of authority or that have a special affiliation with child such as a grandparent or a sibling.The study will show that negative perceptions of self throughout the child's development can contribute to the inability to interact personally or socially with others.More importantly, it can have a powerful negative influence on the perception of parenthood as well as the development of parenting skills or abilities.

For example, the study attempted to prove the assumption that the generational consistency of incestuous assault in some families can be explained by the interdependence among family members.Although family interdependence is a common circumstance in the even healthiest of families, in the case of families where incestuous assault occurs, it becomes a family characteristic that works to perpetuate both the occurrence and the tolerance of incestuous assault. The study also sought to prove that incestuous sexual assault in early childhood, which included the most severe abuses by family member or members that are closest to the child, is a scenario that is especially influential in precipitating the continuation of incest throughout generations.

According to an author of research papers from Paper Masters, incestuous assaults by either a sibling or a parent perpetuate a sense of shame for the victim because the act is considered taboo by social and legal standards, is often kept in secrecy for many years and is often the first sexual interaction that the child experiences. Even without the burden of dealing with the personal isolation that children often move into during and after incestuous assault, An author argues that the victim of childhood incest frequently has to deal with a social isolation that is initiated by his or her parents and most often by the incest perpetrator.

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Incest and Impact On Parenting Research Papers

Incest and Impact on Parenting Research Papers examine a study that shows that incest can have a negative affect on the perception of parenthood.

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