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Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Julian Assange is either seen as a criminal or a hero. One of our writers at Paper Masters did a project on Assange as a possible Nobel Peace Prize winner You can design your project about any aspect of Wikileaks, Assange or the topic of foreign policy issues and our writers will custom write according to your exact specifications. That is the best aspect of Paper Masters - the fact that your work is guaranteed custom written, original and any way you want it.

The Wikileaks website had gained notoriety long before its creator Julian Assange had become notorious for alleged but unrelated criminal behavior. Wikileaks was a website created to serve as a repository of sensitive documents describing the communiques and/or activities of various organizations. These documents were generally posed anonymously and the organizations from which these documents were leaked are those that usually fostered the ire of the contributors including corporate, government and religious organizations.

The latest major posting of documents was leaked from the United States government and was sufficient to put Wikileaks and its creator Julian Assange out of business for some time. Although the disclosure of this information has presented serious implications for Wikileaks and its creator Julian Assange, it has also presented serious foreign policy issues for the United States. Since the leaks were first posted, more than a few countries have expressed that they will approach relations with the United States more cautiously in the future. Representatives for the U.S. have also stated that the leaks threaten the safety of U.S. diplomats, human rights activists and informants who provided the sensitive information that was leaked. Outcomes like these might explain why authorities both in the U.S. and abroad are intent on putting Wikileaks and its creator Julian Assange out of business.

Structuring a Research Paper on Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Some people feel that Julian Assange could be a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize. A thesis containing the names of four chosen nominees, the hypothetical winner, and a broad overview of the entire paper is one way to approach your topic. You can structure your project in the following way:

  1. A section including a brief history of the Nobel Peace Prize (founder/foundation)
  2. The rationale for the award to Assange in this category
  3. Who has won in the past like him and for what sort of work
  4. Do not include all the winners, rather do a cross-section of interesting past winners which illustrates the criteria used for the selections made in the thesis
  5. Describe Assange's background
  6. Current work
  7. The common characteristics of previous winners' work

The premise of this research paper is to review why Assange is worthy. Explain why the work Assange has done that makes him the best recipient. Evaluate the work in terms of social relevance and future impact or changes to society. Then a conclusion which includes a reworded thesis statement, transitional sentences and a profound clincher.

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Wikileaks and Julian Assange Research Papers

Wikileaks and Julian Assange Research Papers look at the Wikileaks website, which had gained notoriety long before its creator Julian Assange had become notorious for his alleged, but unrelated, criminal behavior.

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