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Pipeline Politics and Iran

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Pipeline Politics and Iran research papers discuss the elements of critical importance regarding oil and natural gas pipelines through Iran. The United States government has campaigned to keep Central Asian oil and natural gas pipelines from crossing Iranian territory. How successful has this policy been, and what have been the costs of U.S. success? The major written assignment is an analytical research paper on some issue of current importance to the region.


Sorting is the grouping of information by similarities. Intelligence categories, geographic region, and intelligence sources are categories that could be used for sorting. One important way of sorting through events is to list them in chronological order.

One way to sort information is to place significant events or information in a time line. The result is a chronological list of events, which depicts the timing and sequence of key events.

Steps for Pipeline Politics and Iran Research Paper:

  1. List relevant events with dates listed first, as so:
  2. Construct a time line incorporating listed events in appropriate time slots. Here are a few pointers in building useful time lines:
    1. Interpret relevance of each event relative to the defined problem. (Useful technique - use a scale rating relative relevance of events to annotate each item.)
    2. Go beyond secondary sources (most books, for example), and delve into primary accounts (autobiographies, journals, newspapers, FBIS, government reports, etc.). No matter how well written, a compilation of other writers' views and findings is not research, but bibliography. Remember to ask yourself, "Where do the experts get their information?"

How to Organize Your Project on Pipeline Politics and Iran

Introduction. Your paper should have an introduction that contains the following elements:

  1. A topic sentence that clearly defines the subject under examination. It should be the initial sentence in the paper.
  2. A thesis statement that clearly identifies a relevant issue or concern regarding the topic. This thesis statement may be in the form of a hypothesis, proposition, or contention, and should end the first paragraph.
  3. An approach laying out a logically valid chain of reasoning by which the thesis may be resolved.
  4. A review of the literature or other sources used in conducting the analysis, including discussion of gaps or shortcomings.

This introduction does not contain:

  1. Prefatory quotations
  2. Citations of any works other than methodological guides
  3. Analytical conclusions or judgments

Main Body

  1. A section corresponding to each logical element laid out in the approach.
    transitions from each logical element to its successor.
  2. These transitions should include:a summation of the results of assessing each logical element
    a statement of the new logical element
  3. Headings and subheadings have not been used to substitute for transitions (they may be used to accent them).
  4. All data is cited in proper format


  1. A listing of the results from each logical element in the main body
  2. A resolution of the thesis statement
  3. Implications raised by the resolved thesis

Supporting material

  1. When appropriate endnotes for all material cited in a standard format
  2. A bibliography of all significant material related to the topic
  3. An abstract of not more than 50 words
  4. An executive summary of not more than 300 words
  5. Page numbers for the text only
  6. Appendices for data bases or original material

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Pipeline Politics and Iran Research Papers

Pipeline Politics and Iran Research Papers discuss how to order a political science research paper on the politics behind oil and natural gas pipelines in the Middle East.

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