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Optimal U.S. Energy Policy

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The Design for an Optimal U.S. Energy policy research paper addresses international politics in relation to the policies that best fall in line with the United States need for oil and other energy related products. The paper should be fairly comprehensive. Do not neglect any key energy choices and avoid factual errors (check any statements from biased web sites).

Express your opinion freely, but show that you are aware of other points of view in Optimal U.S. Energy Policy Research Paper.

Try not to leave out any of the key areas that must be part of US energy policy, even if you focus on one or two.

Paper Masters suggests you think of this as an assignment you might have if you were working as an intern for a legislator in Washington who asked you to prepare a position for him to take about energy policy for the country.

You should indicate what you think should be done by federal, state and local government about the following sources of energy in America:

  1. Fossil fuels
  2. Nuclear power
  3. Renewables

But you should also suggest what should be done by industry and by individuals.

You should try to justify the policies you advocate and also indicate why alternative policies are less desirable.

Your recommendations should be consistent with your ranking of goals for an energy policy, but the paper should not discuss these goals in any detail i.e., DO NOT say: my first priority is xxxx, because yyyy. My 2nd priority is aaaa because bbbb. etc. Many of your policy suggestions will involve trade-offs among several goals.

Sample Article on U.S. Energy Policy:

It would be wise for the administration and Congress to orient U.S. energy policy in the direction of conservation by increasing taxes on fuel consumption, ending the practice of classifying SUVs as "trucks" rather than cars-thereby imposing mileage requirements on them-and offering tax incentives for a wide variety of energy conservation measures. In short, Congress and the administration should make the price of gasoline higher, not lower.

There are advocates of a position that there is no problem whatsoever with the energy situation. Peter Huber and Mark Mills, for example, have written a book that states that there is not now and there will never be a "real" energy crisis based on physical scarcity of supply. In an op-ed piece published in early 2005 in the Wall Street Journal, they state that tar sands in Canada contain 3.5 trillion barrels of oil (A14). The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, in a lead editorial in October, 2005, sounded an optimistic note concerning growth in oil reserves in the middle east, stating that since 1970 Saudi oil reserves have grown from 88 billion barrels to 264 billion barrels.

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Optimal U.S. Energy Policy Research Papers

Optimal U.S. Energy Policy Research Paper looks at an example of how to write a research paper that requires you to make a set of policy proposals.

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