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Nazi Party

Nazi Party

This is a topic suggestion onNazi Party from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Nazi Party research papers state that the single most devastating event of the twentieth century, the Holocaust, resulted from the rise of the xenophobic Nazi party. During the execution of the chilling "final solution," an estimated 6 million men, women, and children lost their lives to the systematic genocide perpetrated by the Nazis. The majority of those killed were Jewish, but members of many other groups were also targeted for genocidal eradication, including:

  • Non-Aryan ethnic minorities
  • Foreign nationals
  • Artists
  • Political dissidents
  • The elderly
  • The infirm
  • Homosexuals

In short, any person who did not conform to the Nazi ideal of Aryan ideology, vigor and productivity was vulnerable to persecution.

The Nazi Bureaucracy

The question that has haunted not only Germany, but also the world as a whole, is how the Nazi bureaucracy was able to carry out their horrific plan for genocide without encountering any significant resistance from either the German public or the international community. Although the full extent of the mass killings was not revealed until the Allied victory allowed full access to the concentration camps, there were many junctures at which various internal and external parties had opportunities to make widely known the scope of the ongoing genocide. Since the conclusion of World War II, the specter of an unchecked Nazi Germany has been widely used as the symbol of totalitarian government power that is not hindered by outside oversight.

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This is a topic on
Nazi Party Research Papers

Nazi Party research papers overview the final solution, Nazi Germany and Aryan ideology that spurred on World War II. Paper Masters custom writes research on the holocaust, Hitler or any aspect of German events in the 20th Century.

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