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International Policies

International Policies

The following is a research paper topic suggestion about International Policies. When writing a research paper, it is best to keep the issue narrow and simple. Have Paper Masters help you with your political science project on any aspect of international policies.

While the objective of increasing economic growth is at the forefront of many international policies, a growing contingent of politicians and citizens are seeking to ensure that development does not overtake the health and well-being of the Earth's environment. Narrow the political science research paper to something in the area of "racial profiling" and how it affects airports and airline travel. How are middle easterners affected. However, a deeper look into the issue of human rights and national and international policies reveal that much more progress is needed. Or, something about international borders, are they secure? If you have other topics, for example only, consider not picking something like "the Middle East peace process". Rather, pick something like, "the candidate wants Jerusalem to remain undivided." Make sure it is a manageable topic.

Sample Outline of an International Policies Research Paper

  1. Introduction to International Policies Research Paper
    1. The introduction must contain three elements: the problem, your answer, and how you will prove it.
      1. What the problem is; what are we talking about? I need to know the surrounding issue.
      2. What is your answer to the question? In one sentence, answer the question you were asked. ("Most important part of the paper"). Everything else depends on it.
      3. Prove that your point is correct. In order of importance, what are the major reasons for believing your thesis to be true?
    2. At the end of your introduction the reader should be able to stop, and know what the problem is, what your answer to the problem is, and how you are going to prove it.
  2. Body of International Policies Research Paper
    1. Argue for why the answer to the question is correct. (The body needs to contain a type of "argumentative essay" that must be argued either for or against).
    2. Discuss one point at a time and explain each point thoroughly.
    3. The material can be researched, facts you have compiled, personal experience, speculation if you must.
    4. Prove the answer to be correct.
      1. One point per paragraph!
      2. In each paragraph you will have a thesis statement at the outset. What is the point of that paragraph?
      3. The point of each paragraph (you may have more than one paragraph per point, although not the other way around) must be clear in how it proves your thesis to be correct.
  3. Conclusion to International Policies Research Paper

Today's international system is best described using the Realist Theory put forth by Hans J. Morgenthau. Morgenthau asserts that states act according to what they perceive is in their best interests. The international relationships present in the current international system characterize a balance of power situation, with the potential imperialist power of the United States balanced by the increased activity of various Third World and non-state actors. Such is the international system that we take into the millennium.

This paper will use Hans J. Morgenthau's principles of realism theory to show its application to the current world system. Passing fads and remaining trends in international relations will be identified in order to characterize the evolving world system.

Numerous international relations theories have been introduced since Morgenthau put forth his Politics Among Nations, but none has so completely addressed actors and motivation in the international system. In order to show that today's international system fits his model, the classical realist's main points may be addressed.

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International Policies Research Papers

International Policies research papers give an in depth review of the elements required in a research paper that explores a policy at the international level.

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