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A dictatorship is a form of government that has been implemented for many years and still exists today. To understand this form of government, it is necessary define it. A dictatorship is an individual or small group who holds "almost unlimited power". Thus, in a dictatorship, the following holds true:

  1. Decisions made and actions taken regarding a nation are not shared.
  2. One single entity holds all power for the country.

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Dictatorship and Deception

Dictators can achieve their role and continue to lead by forcing their way into power or by deceiving the nation's citizens. This means that a dictatorship may not always be favored by the citizens; they may learn of this deception and misguidance only after the dictator is in power. Still, dictatorship is a popular form of government, ranking in the top two, along with democracy. Therefore, it has not been abandoned.

While dictatorships may slightly differ, they all share certain traits. For example, "Control over the political system is maintained through a large police network or through the army". The army or police ensure there is no trouble or conflict, allowing the dictatorship to rule smoothly without interference. This is one commonality among dictatorships. Even though the leader is a sole entity, the military or police can help keep a peaceful nation.

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Dictatorship Research Papers

Dictatorship research papers define a dictatorship as an individual or small group who holds “almost unlimited power" of a nation.

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