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African Politics

African Politics

Many times students of political science will have to write a research paper on the politics of another country. You should approach your topic by accurately portraying the politics of a particular country. You will probably want to focus on a specific aspect of African politics topic because "politics" can be overwhelming. Paper Masters can custom write you a research paper on African politics or use a topic below to write your own.

African Politics Sample Topics

Some examples for African Politics Research Paper would be:

  1. Democracy in Kenya
  2. The Colonial Legacy in Mauritania
  3. Politics and the Economy in Angola
  4. Ethnic Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Another approach to an African Politics research paper is to explore a political issue that reaches across several African countries. The aim of this type of paper would be to explore one issue in a sophisticated way, using countries in all or part of Africa as evidence. The issue should not be too broad: for example, "Democracy" or "Colonialism" might be unmanageable.

Some examples for this type of African Politics Research Paper would be:

  1. The Natural Resource Curse in Africa
  2. AIDS Education Policies in Southern vs. West Africa
  3. Socialist Ideology in African States

General Political Science Research Paper Suggestions

Some things to keep in mind when writing a research paper for a political science class are the following.

  1. The paper is meant to give you an opportunity to explore a topic of interest or to learn about something new. If you have any questions about the topic or research, please ask.
  2. Your topic can be based on either contemporary or historical African politics.
  3. You should write a new paper for this course.
  4. You should cite at least three sources from the course readings, in addition to other references you find. If your topic does not lend itself to this requirement, come see me.
  5. You should consider this paper a contribution to political science. You may not have the space to fully test your hypothesis, but you should make an effort to develop a convincing causal story, consider alternative explanations, etc.

Related Research Paper Topic Suggestions

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African Politics Research Papers

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