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Legislative Process

Legislative Process

The legislative process can be quite complex. Paper Masters suggests that you use an example of a legislation that first failed and then passed, to illustrate the nature of legislation. Get help on describing and outlining the legislative process by having Paper Masters custom write your research.

In a political science research paper, you may want to describe the legislative process when the Minimum Wage Bill failed and passed in the 109th Congress and the 110th Congress. This is just a suggestion on a topic you can use to illustrate the legislative process for a political science or government research paper. Paper Masters suggests you include the following in you project on legislation:

  1. You must apply relevant readings to your paper to demonstrate your mastery over the material.
  2. You will be analyzing why the bill initially failed before it ultimately passed. You should analyze both its failure and its passage.
  3. Tables and Charts are encouraged and help the reader to understand the process involved visually.

At Paper Masters, we know that you will be judged on your writing ability, a demonstration of your mastery over assigned material, and your analytic skill. Good papers (A) will do a nice job on all three components. Acceptable papers (B) will make an attempted at doing all three. Make sure you have the best research project on the legislative process you can have by including the elements you see below.

  1. The research paper should also contain a clear, straightforward problem statement question - what specific aspect of the problem you are trying to resolve with your options.
  2. When writing research on a proces, it is critical that there be a logical flow
    1. You must provide in the background data/information the supports the premise for the different options.
    2. You must provide enough substantiation for what problems these options would solve (or whether there is a problem).
  3. State explicit criteria against which the options would be analyzed.

The following are a few of the exceptional sources we would use at Paper Masters in writing this topic paper:


As with all research papers, the source material you use is critical. Below is an example of the types of source material you can use when writing on congressional or legislative processes.

  • Congressional Quarterly Almanac or CQ Weekly. - CQ weekly is a congressional magazine that requires a subscription.
  • The Thomas Webpage
  • Theriault, Sean M. 2005. The Power of the People: CongressionalCompetition, Public Attention, and Voter Retribution. Columbus: Ohio State University Press.
  • Davidson, Roger H., and Walter J. Olezek. 2006. Congress and Its Members, 10th edition. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.

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Legislative Process Research Papers

Legislative process research papers describe the legislative process when the Minimum Wage Bill failed and passed.

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