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In Favor of The Electoral College

In Favor of the Electoral College

Being in favor of the Electoral College can make an interesting research paper topic. America's Founding Fathers rested their decision on the Electoral College system of vote counting in an effort to assure the common good. They did not intend for it to create a situation such as the one in Florida in the 2000 election. There are several topics regarding the government and the electoral college that you can write a research paper on. Here are a few suggestions from Paper Masters:

  1. The history of the Electoral College
  2. The Bush v. Gore Election and what it meant regarding the Electoral College
  3. Why do politicians favor the electoral college?

In the past 250 years, the common good is not always as important as the two-party political agenda are. One research paper in favor of the electoral college writes, "Neither in 2000 nor at any other time in American history has the goal of a presidential race been to win the national popular vote." Rather the goal is to win the electoral votes. Thus, an uneducated American public watched the election of 2000 and some felt cheated out of the presidency for their democratic candidate Al Gore. They ranted and raved about the unfairness of Bush's failure to win the popular vote, yet he won the election. While there may have been numerous incidents of unfairness, graft, bribery, and more to darken the honesty of the 2000 election, it stands that the electoral vote is the single determining factor in America's presidential elections. Though fully one-half of the nation was emotionally up-in-arms, the democratic system of government in the United States would stay on track, even if, in the most extreme scenario, Americans would have literally taken up arms to protest.

America's Electoral College

America's Electoral College re-focuses electioneering, since the age of mass media proliferation, into something quite different from what the America's Founders envisioned for presidential elections. The men who wrote the U.S. Constitution did not foresee the development of political parties, yet the system of two competing political groups dominates the U.S. electoral system. A political party is many things, but the simplest definition is that it is an organized group of people who control or seek to control a government. One reason why the United States has two strong parties instead of three or six or ten is that only a very broad coalition can elect a President.

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In Favor of The Electoral College Research Papers

In Favor of the Electoral College research papers can make for interesting debate on how America runs its presidential elections.

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