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Democratic Countries

Democratic Countries

On a fundamental level, most political science courses require a study of various democratic countries. Paper Masters helps students write research papers on democratic countries for poly sci classes.

Democratic countries are those with a system of government chosen by universal suffrage, or the right of each adult citizen to vote. Democracy is characterized by the participation of citizens, either directly or through elected representatives, in the creation of laws.

The Beginning of Democracy

The term democracy was invented by the Greeks during the classical age, meaning "rule of the people." In ancient Athens, the free men of the city gathered and decided the law. Democratic countries stand in opposition to nations that are either ruled by a single individual, such as a monarchy, or small group of elites, called an oligarchy.

Modern forms of democracy date to the creation of Parliament in England following Magna Charta in 1215, over time, the power of Parliament increased as that of the monarchy waned, but it was the establishment of the United States that created the world's first constitutional democracy, although suffrage, such as women's suffrage, was restricted well into the 20th century.

Democracy in the Modern World

In the modern world, democratic countries are well established in North and South America, Australia and Europe, while much of Asia and Africa remain under more authoritarian regimes, although democracies exist as well in these regions (India and South Africa, for example). Democratic countries are marked by the following criteria:

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Democratic Countries Research Papers

Democratic Countries custom research papers are written on the countries with a system of government chosen by universal suffrage, or the right of each adult citizen to vote.

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