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American Politics

American Politics

Research Papers on American politics cover the basic two-party system and then the structure of the government. However, when you need writing on political issues that occur in the United States, you can have a custom written research paper done on any topic in American Politics.

The major parties in the United States political system are as follows:

  • Domocratic
  • Republican
  • Libertarian
  • Green Party
  • Constitution Party

At present, politics in the United States is marked by a two-party system; the Democrats and the Republicans dominate the political field, allowing few third parties to have any lasting impact on the national political culture. Smaller political parties have included the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party, but these have little representation in government and scant funds with which to launch a national campaign. Unlike other democracies in the world, the two-party system in the United States is reinforced by electoral laws and campaign funding allowances. When the two major parties have seemingly endless resources with which to win any given election, it is nearly impossible for an alternate perspective, via a third party, to keep up, let alone succeed. To that end, there are a great many voices in American politics that are overlooked or ignored altogether, compromising the ability of either party to truly represent the needs of the American people.

The foundation for the American government is laid out in the Constitution, with each branch of government given specific powers and duties to carry out. In terms of government structure, there is a balance of power between the federal government and the state governments, as well as a system of checks and balances among the three branches of the federal government. Legislations are crafted and passed by the Congress, comprised of the House of Representatives and the Senate, but this legislation can be vetoed by the President, the figurehead of the Executive Branch. While the Congress can override this veto with a significant majority, it is difficult to gain such momentum in a political climate that is so deeply divided. Similarly, legislations can be declared unconstitutional by the Judicial Branch, via the Supreme Court, though the process is lengthy and the likelihood of a case being heard by this appellate course minimal. This division of authority creates a unique political structure in the United States, allowing it to function in a way that is altogether different from other democracies around the world.

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American Politics Research Papers

A research paper on American Politics discuss the politics in the United States, that is marked by a two-party system; the Democrats and the Republicans.

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