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Political Parties Research Papers

American politics consist of two major political parties; the Democratic party and the Republican party,  and one minor one; the Libertarian party.  Each party has it’s own platform, agenda and goals as it strives to make America a better place to live. 

Today's Democratic Party claims to strive to renew America's basic pact: Opportunity to each and every American, that requires effort and responsibility from each American. The political party expresses determination to rebuild the great pride once know to the nation. Democrats desire to stand on improving individual opportunity, national responsibility and community strength and unity, all of which they believe are the values that America was built on and ones we must return to.

Political Parties

Today’s Democratic party sees America flourishing through the following conservative goals:

  • A strong Presidential leadership
  • A strong economy
  • Lower deficit
  • A smaller government

They claim that our children’s education is better and that they are healthier, while also boasting of a safer, cleaner environment and safer streets. The Party takes responsibility for all of the professed current improvements and an over all improved nation.

The Democratic platform states that the era of big government no longer exists.  It professes the following more liberal ideals:

  • America no longer needs an all powerful bureaucracy from Washington, but a smaller government.  
  • The government’s job is to provide the people with answers and tools they need to run their lives effectively.
  • It is every American’s responsibility to use governmental information for the betterment of himself, his country and his family.

The Republican platform states:

None of the extraordinary things about our country are gifts of government. They are the accomplishments of free people in a free society. They are achievements, not entitlements – and are sweeter for that fact. All our efforts as Republicans are guided by the fixed star of this single principle: that freedom always exceeds our highest expectations.

Modern day Republicans desire to see the nation with a strong economy achieved through the means of tax reduction and spending regulation from government.   The party claims that the current method of taxation is difficult and in fact, hampers economic growth. The Party supports social systems such as social security system and medical for the elderly.   

Republicans believe in the rights of each individual to own his own property without government interference or restriction, unless in extreme circumstances in which the government is then responsible to compensate the landowner.  They deem the environment as something the government is responsible to protect.

The Party believes that the free enterprise system is the most successful economic system when combined with a free society where its citizens are responsible for their economic status.  

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