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Police Officer Use of Deadly Force

I need a 16-page research paper on the topic of: Police Officer Use of Deadly Force Research Paper. The writer is not to take a stance, either for or against deadly force. The writer is providing an overview of the topic and its most important points. However, both the pro and the con side should be addressed in the paper. Police Officer Use of Deadly ForceThe writer should define deadly force and when it is allowed to be used, discuss the training that police must have in regards to using force, discuss legal and ethical issues associated with the topic, discuss the effects or aftermath of deadly force encounters, discuss issues of hesitation and liability when the police choose to use or not use deadly force, address any racial, gender, physical size, or educational distinctions that cause police officers to use or not use deadly force, provide statistics of officer injuries and deaths and offender injuries and deaths as a result of deadly force being used, discuss the concept of the "USE of Force Continuum," discuss the publics and the media's stance on police use of deadly force. Include any important or relevant concepts that you may uncover during your research.

The paper must not be too broad or go in too may directions.

Format for Police Officer Use of Deadly Force Research Paper:

  1. The paper must be 16 pages in length
  2. be double-spaced
  3. 1 inch margins
  4. properly researched and documented
  5. contain 22 endnotes
  6. 12 independent and scholarly peer reviewed sources
  7. be in MLA style
  8. contain an outline of all concepts covered in the paper
  9. a works cited page
  10. and an endnote page.

Things to be included in Police Officer Use of Deadly Force Research Paper:

  1. The spelling
  2. punctuation
  3. grammar must be perfect and at the master's level.
  4. All pages of the document must be numbered.
  5. The paper should have a thesis, an introduction, and a conclusion.
  6. The thesis statement should be 1-2 sentences, and in the first paragraph.
  7. The thesis should be clearly focused and express the theme for the whole paper.
  8. The introduction should cover all the main concepts of the paper.
  9. The conclusion must show the reader that the paper met its purpose.
  10. The content of the paper should be organized logically and developed thoroughly, according to the outline, thesis, and introduction.

Resource Information provided for Police Officer Use of Deadly Force Research Paper:

  1. The writer should use 12 independent and scholarly sources when developing the paper.
  2. They should be peer reviewed when possible.
  3. The sources should come from criminal justice, sociology, or psychology journals and periodicals. If possible, I would the researchers and writers to use the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Institute of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the Pennsylvania State Police's websites, reports, statistics, and policies on police use of deadly force, when developing the paper. If the source comes from the Internet, it must come from a ".edu" or ".org" or ".gov" website.
  4. The works cited page must be titled "works cited" and be in MLA format.
  5. The paper must have 22 endnotes and an endnote page in MLA format.
  6. I would also like to request that the sources used (journals, periodicals) to write my paper are emailed to me along with the paper.

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