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Police Accountability Research Papers Custom Written

Police accountability research papers are a hot topic these days with issues like the problems in Ferguson, MO and across the nation with police brutality. Paper Masters custom writes criminal justice research papers on police accountability from any aspect of the issue.

Police officers, as public servants, are supposed to “protect and serve.” Unfortunately, some officers can fail to uphold the law and abuse their position in society. Police accountability is the process that holds individual police officers, as well as police departments, responsible for the effective and legal discharge of duties, as well as treating members of the public in a fair and impartial manner.

Police Accountability Organizations

Across the United States, there are several police accountability organizations such as:Police Accountability

Many of these groups encourage individuals to document incidents of police abuse, sponsor legislation, or promote awareness and are examples of national organizations dedicated to police accountability. In some areas, there are citizen review boards, with the power to investigate incidents of suspected police abuse.

Police accountability has three dimensions.

  1. The first is the self-accountability of the individual officer, from the street patrol officer to the chief of police.
  2. Second is supervisory accountability, which involves adequate training for officers who move up the ladder into positions of greater responsibility.
  3. The final aspect is administrative accountability. This requires that police administrative hierarchies are committed to fairness and ethics.

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