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Plato was one of the most influential philosophers of the ancient world, and his idealistic views continue to be relevant to modern thought. Custom philosophy term papers on Plato are Paper Master's specialty. Though he has been immortalized as one of the world’s greatest philosophers, Plato actually grew up with political ambitions. However, he viewed politics and politicians in Athens with disdain and soon became a disciple of Socrates, adopting Socrates’ debating style – the pursuit of truth through questions, answers, and more questions.  

Socrates and Plato


PlatoAfter witnessing Socrates’ death by forced suicide at the hands of Athenian leaders in 399 BC, Plato fled Athens, traveling to Italy, Sicily, and Egypt. He returned to Athens in 387 BC and founded the Academy, which has long been held to be the first European university. There, he established the study of such subjects as philosophy, mathematics, biology, astronomy, and political theory. He also composed his numerous Dialogues, which offered philosophical thoughts and ideas. In all, Plato wrote 35 Dialogues and 13 letters. At the core of his Dialogues were his theories of Forms and Knowledge. Plato maintained the knowledge must be certain and infallible, and must not be attained solely from experience. He wrote on this topic in his most famous work, the Republic.

Plato’s Influence

Until his death in 348 or 347 BC, Plato lectured at his Academy and continued his writing. The scope of his influence was such that the Academy survived until 529 AD, when the Byzantine emperor, Justinian, closed it, objecting to its pagan teachings. Plato’s influence, however, is studied to this day.

  1. Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phædo
  2. Cratylus, Theætetus, Sophist, Statesman
  3. Parmenides, Philebus, Symposium, Phædrus
  4. Alcibiades, 2nd Alcibiades, Hipparchus, Rival Lovers
  5. Theages, Charmides, Laches, Lysis
  6. Euthydemus, Protagoras, Gorgias, Meno
  7. Hippias major, Hippias minor, Ion, Menexenus
  8. Clitophon, Republic, Timæus, Critias
  9. Minos, Laws, Epinomis, Letters

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