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Research on Plastic Surgery

Research papers on plastic surgery can look at the practical, physiological or psychological aspect of an individual having plastic or reconstructive surgery. The writers at Paper Masters will examine the medical health aspects behind plastic surgery and custom write your research paper for you.

Plastic surgery has been, and will continue to be, a controversial subject in many ways.  Plastic surgery has become increasingly common today for a variety of reasons, and countless individuals are consulting cosmetic surgeons with the hopes of looking the way they have always dreamed of looking.  However, have we stopped to think about the effects of plastic surgery on society, both physically and mentally?Plastic Surgery

Generally, plastic surgery includes a number of different procedures that usually involve skin  It refers to a variety of operations performed in order to repair or restore body parts to look normal, or to change a body part to look better.  Clearly, plastic surgery is done for a wide range of reasons that often differ in many ways.  In many ways, plastic surgery can be a wonderful thing for many people. 

Dr. William B. Riley is a plastic surgeon whose love of children and desire to help them led him to his chosen field.  “I also liked the variety and the spectrum of problems plastic surgeons dealt with.  Once I decided on surgery, I also liked the artistic aspects as well as the scientific.  It was a blend of everything that appealed to me”.  While Dr. Riley’s intentions were to build the emotional states of deformed children, today his practice is 80 percent cosmetic.  “I fight to maintain that 20 percent of reconstructive work because I do enjoy the spectrum, so I have not limited my practice to cosmetic surgery” he said .

Reconstructive surgery is a wonderful gift to those born with birth defects, or those scarred or maimed by an accident of some sort.  Today however, the increasing trend of plastic surgery is leaning toward the cosmetic factor.  Plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries all have an important psychological dimension in the U.S.  Many people in Western societies place a great deal of importance on physical importance.  Plastic surgery can effect an individual’s emotional state tremendously.  It is easy to have the breasts you want, to have smoother skin, to have extra fat removed from your stomach and thighs, and to have numerous other body parts augmented or amended. 

The physical effects of plastic surgery are truly amazing. 

  • Many people claim that their lives have changed for the better because of cosmetic surgical enhancements. 
  • Plastic surgery enhancements have restored their confidence and created a brand new self-image for them.
  • Plastic surgery makes people actually psychologically feel better, and doesn’t that make it worth it?

There are drawbacks, however.  While reconstructive surgery gives people the chance to look what is deemed “normal” again, doesn’t cosmetic surgery teach us that, for the most part, looks are the most important physical aspect in our society?  From this aspect, the emotional effects of plastic surgery on society can be harrowing.

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