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Research Papers on The Piano by Jane Campion

The Piano by Jane Campion is one of the many research paper topics that Paper Masters provides. Use this topic suggestion as a guide on how to write a paper or order your own custom research paper.

Facts about Jane Campion's The Piano include the following:The Piano by Campion

  • Written and directed by Jane Campion
  • Released in 1993 for film
  • Based in New Zealand
  • Had a budget of 7 million
  • Earned 140 million at the box office

The Piano by Jane Campion, portrays the life of Ada McGrath, who has not spoken since she was six years old. We learn in the opening monologue that her father had set an arranged marriage to a man living in New Zealand and the opening scene brings Ada, her illegitimate daughter, Flora, and all of her worldly belongings from the cold, gray English house to the shores of New Zealand. Though there are many symbols used throughout the film, the piano is obviously the central one. It is important to note how this piano represents passion, and the release of it, throughout the film.

We know the importance of the piano from the opening line of the very first scene. Ada’s voice tells us that it is not her actual voice that we are hearing, but her mind’s voice. She talks about choosing to be silent since from an early age, but that she doesn’t think of herself as silent because she has her piano. As the film unfolds, we see that the piano is the passion of her heart, where she is the freest to express herself.

After a long sea voyage to New Zealand, and all of her belongings, including her piano, being put on the shore, Ada cracks open the packing crate to play it. As she reaches her hands inside the crate to play the keys, her face is filled with joy. Flora is so excited that she does joyful cartwheels on the beach. All is well, until the tide washes in under the piano.

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