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This is a sample introduction of a research paper on Phonics. Paper Masters can compose a custom paper to fit your research needs.

Phonics, at its most basic level, is the system of relationships between language sounds and letters. Spoken languages are made up of phonemes, the most basic unit of a language’s phonology, or the organization of sounds. Reading or writing any language becomes a matter of the following elements:

  • Hearing the organization of sounds
  • Identifying and manipulating phonemes
  • Matching sounds to spelling

These elements are what makes up phonics. Phonics

Phonics and Illiteracy

Written languages have often been compared to a code. Remaining illiterate means the individual is unable to decipher the code. Understanding the relationship between sound and letter combinations allows children to decipher the code. Phonics, in America, is generally taught from kindergarten through second grade, the early primary grades. The National Reading Panel has identified phonics as an essential component of literacy education. Part of a curriculum that includes fluency, vocabulary and textual comprehension, phonics is best taught in a systematic and explicit manner, one that is both direct and follows sequence.

Phonics and Learning Disabilities

Children, of course, will vary in the level of phonics instruction they require. Many students will grasp phonics clearly and early, while some students, particularly those identified as having a learning disability or dyslexia, will require more intensive phonics education, even beyond third grade. Phonics instruction is most effective when introduced early in the educational process, but all children will benefit from learning phonics, thanks to the National Reading Panel.

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