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Crito research papers look at one of the most important dialogues from Plato. Paper Masters' writers in philosophy can help you understand important philosophical works such as Plato's Crito.

"Crito" is distinct from Plato's dialogues in that Socrates is facing his death and speaks as a citizen of Athens, rather than the questioning philosopher who seeks the truth. When writing a research paper on Crito, you will examine Plato's "Crito," including a brief synopsis of the dialogue between Socrates and his friend Crito and an analysis of its meaning within the context of Platonic philosophy. Your research paper may want to demonstrate that Socrates arguments in "Crito" focus on the conflict between one's obligation as a citizen and one's beliefs. The message Socrates articulates in "Crito" contends that civic duty is an important virtue. Because citizens benefit from a culture and its laws, Socrates contended that citizens have a duty to abide by its laws in a just and virtuous manner.

Crito - Setting

Crito is set in Socrates' prison cell at an early hour. Socrates old friend, Crito, arrived in the cell at dawn and noted that he was surprised to see how calmly Socrates had accepted his punishment of death. Crito told Socrates that his death was near, which Socrates had already discerned from a dream, and encourages Socrates to escape from the cell for several reasons.

First, Crito tells Socrates that he cannot bear to lose a friend that cannot be replaced, but people may believe that he could have save Socrates if he had paid a sum of money to authorities, and Crito would be disgraced for valuing money over a friend. Socrates answered, that the opinion of many is not worth considering, and those good men will know the truth. Nevertheless, Crito insists that the opinion of the many must be regarded because they can do the greatest evil to those who have lost their good opinion. Socrates answers that can do neither good nor evil and their actions rely on chance.

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Crito Research Papers

Crito research papers overview the Platonic Dialogue as Socrates faces his death. Paper Masters' writers in philosophy can help you understand important philosophical works such as Plato's Crito.

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