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Jean Paul Sartre

Jean Paul Sartre

Research papers on Jean Paul Sartre examine the philosophy of the famous individual. Any philosopher can be written about in a research paper. Whether it is Sartre's writings or works or his philosophy, our writers can provide a custom research paper to focus on any aspect you need.

Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the most prominent philosophers of the 20th century, contributing a great deal to the study of existentialism and phenomenology. In L'Etre et le neant (Being and Nothingness), his most famous work, his primary argument was that there was no Creator who was behind all of man's actions; he had the exclusive ownership of what he did and the consequences that emerged as a result. He also believed that the actions of our past are simply that - in the past - and do not have to play a role in the actions of one's future. The ideas that one comes to possess throughout one's life, though, are derived from situations one has encountered; ideas of what one believes to be right or wrong are apparent in one's actions and are equally applicable to anyone in the same situation, not just the individual in question. In this way, he believed man had to bear the burden of freedom, being free to choose as he would and bear the appropriate consequences for his choices.

In his personal life, Sartre was well known for his relationship with feminist author Simone de Beauvoir, particularly because their relationship was an open one. The two worked to challenge existing social and cultural expectations of romantic relationships through their pairing, remaining lifelong partners, if not always romantic and never exclusive. While their approach was certainly not "normal" for the era, it worked for them both, as their pairing lasted more than half a century.

In his work, Sartre seems to have a very difficult time when it comes to determining the capabilities and possibilities of psychoanalysis. Sartre struggles with the following:

  • Making the concept of psychoanalysis provide a real and necessary function
  • Psychoanalysis when it comes to the unconscious.
  • Sartre works with two separate types of psychoanalysis, existential and empirical.

There are a number of different ways in which Sartre approached the idea of the Unconscious. While many people seem to refer to the unconscious as the place in which individuals would repress certain concepts or actions, it is not limited to this in Sartre's experience. Instead, the Unconsciousness is referred to as something that is necessary, but, at the same time, it is not the only piece present in the mind. This is not the way that Sartre believe that the human mind was meant to, or was able to, work.

It is important that the consciousness be conscious of itself. It needs to be knowledgeable of the fact that it is the self mind that makes actions possible and works to improve the life of the individual that needs to take part in life. The mind has to be aware that it is working and

To not have this type of awareness would be strange and awkward when it came to the average person being able to make something of their life, in addition to being able to control one's own life. "In other words, it would be a consciousness ignorant of itself, an unconscious - which is absurd". It is not possible to make decisions about anything in one's life without being aware of making the decision for one's own self in any manner.

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Jean Paul Sartre Research Papers

A research paper on Jean-Paul Sartre look at one of the most prominent philosophers of the 20th century who contributed a great deal to the study of existentialism and phenomenology.

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