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Research Papers on socialists explore their ideals and focus on famous socialists. Socialism is a philosophic concept that you may have to explain in a paper for a philosophy course. Have Paper Masters explicate socialism and outline some of the most prominent socialists.

Socialists are those individuals committed to the economic and social system of socialism. Socialists believe in the social ownership of the means of production, also known as state ownership. Socialism emerged out of the European Enlightenment following the French Revolution, although Karl Marx is perhaps its most famous proponent. Other famous socialists include:

  • Helen Keller
  • Eugene V. Debs
  • Francois Hollande
  • A. Philip Randolph

Socialists in the 1800's

Socialists emerged as a political force in the 1820s and 1830s, partly in response to the developments of the Industrial Revolution, which created the urban working class. Socialists agitated to improve conditions for these individuals. Count Henri de Saint-Simon is the first person to use the term "socialism," believing that science and equal opportunity could counterbalance the abuses of capitalism. Socialists such as Robert Owen, Charles Fourier, and Charles Hall criticized the Industrial Revolution as creating excess poverty.

Socialists played a heavy role in the Revolutions of 1848 that shook the continent, and comprised the Paris Commune that briefly ruled in 1871. Socialism was largely discredited by the Soviet Union, although socialist policies have been implemented in northern European nations, such as universal health care, pensions and generous family leave policies. This form of socialism, known as the Nordic model of social democracy, has consistently been shown to produce some of the happiest people on Earth, according to UN surveys.

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Socialists Research Papers

Socialists research papers examine the individuals that have committed to the economic and social system of socialism.

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