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Power of Unconscious Mind

Power of Unconscious Mind

As individuals, we rely on our unconscious mind in ways we often do not realize. While our unconscious mind is often responsible for negative behaviors or defeating self-talk, it can be of great benefit to helping us grow and improve as individuals. The key, though, is utilizing the unconscious mind the correct way.

In order to be effective, the unconscious mind needs very clear direction; it only does what we reinforce within it, so if negative elements are not addressed with haste, they can become habitual and problematic. The unconscious mind cannot tell good from bad; it is the responsibility of our conscious mind to make those determinations and focus on what needs to be repeated in the future. To do this, individuals need to be very clear in stating what they want. If a person has a goal, they need to remain focused on that goal; if an obstacle presents itself, the conscious mind needs to ensure the individual remains positive in how they can realistically address it. In doing so, the unconscious mind will reinforce these behaviors whenever any obstacle stands in the way.

Similarly, the unconscious mind requires that individuals keep stock of what works and what does not. When an individual places the conscious emphasis on their successes, their unconscious mind is more likely to try and model these behaviors in the future. The same goes for how talk to ourselves; when an individual consciously praises their successes, their unconscious mind will repeat this self-talk rather than highlight failures or areas that need to be improved upon. Ultimately, the power of the unconscious mind lies in what we as conscious individuals give it. If we consciously choose to focus on the negatives and on our failures, the unconscious mind will do the same. However, if we make the conscious choice to highlight how we have succeeded and what we can realistically do to achieve our various goals, the unconscious mind will use its power to help us toward those ends.

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