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Just War

Just War

Philosophy research papers often examine the concept of a "just war". Have our writers custom write your project on the philosophy behind the term and whether or not previous wars fit the definition of "just".

Just War research paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

The state of unrest and threat of terrorism in our country has brought the possibility of impending war to the forefront. In the current political climate the concept of a just war has become increasingly debatable. When discussing the existence of a just war, include the following:

  1. Explain the terms involved and the historical framework for defining the expression.
  2. Discuss whether or not our past and current situations, fit the definition of just war.
  3. Examination of the use of just war will help to determine if it is indeed possible.

War is Hostile

Merriam-Webster defines the term just as something that is fair, morally ethical, and merited or deserved. War is defined as an open and declared armed hostile conflict between opposing forces that are struggling for a particular end. Therefore, the task becomes to determine if there are ever any ethical circumstances that warrant armed hostile conflict, and whether that conflict can fairly and morally be declared and conducted against others with reasonable results. This is a difficult and complex concept to explore, but it is not the firbst time that people have attempted to establish the existence of a just war.

A Just War

Both Saint Thomas Aquinas and St Augustine discussed the idea of just war, and therefore just war tradition has a basis in Christian moral theology. Smith, in his article Just War, Clausewitz and Sarajevo, reminds us that there exists no doctrine of Just War, only a tradition of general agreement about most of the important terms. Smith feels this is necessary because a consistent structure and vocabulary are needed to discuss and draw conclusion about a concept. It is accepted in the just war tradition that armed forces can be used for moral purposes and therefore moral judgments about war are not only possible, but necessary.

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