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Research Papers on Philosophical Issues

Philosophy is the search for meaning and understanding in the universe. If you need research papers on philosophical issues, have the writers at Paper Masters custom write your philosophy research paper on any topic you need.

From Plato to Sartre, men and women have struggles with existence, knowledge, the mind, and even the existence (or not) of God. Numerous philosophical issues have explored epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, and even politics. Philosophical issues often have no clear answer. This can be a maddening process for the student new to the subject, often expecting an answer to the most fundamental questions in life.

Research Papers on Common Philosophical Issues

These are all philosophical issues that have been wrestled with over the centuries. The ancient Greek thinker Socrates often sought out the answers to such questions as “what is the pious?” asked in the Euthyphro, one of the first Socratic dialogues introduced in a Philosophy 101 course. It is not that there is a sufficient answer, but it is the process of attempting to answer the question that is the most important.

Philosophical issues force individuals to think about their answer, and not just parrot what they have been taught. Attempting to answer a question such as “what is good?” demands rigorous attention to the thought process. Any immediate answer can be picked apart, in the same way that Socrates was able to poke holes in the definitions first proposed by those around him.

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