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Peter the Great Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Peter the Great from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Peter the Great ruled Russia for many years, both as Tzar and Emperor. He was known as a brilliant and cunning leader whose political and social reforms led to Russia’s recognition as an important power. At the same time, Peter was known as an energetic and cruel leader who ordered the executions of many people at a time. Many of Peter the Great’s ideas were inspired by his belief that Russia must copy the western model in order to achieve power and status.

Peter the GreatPeter the Great was born in 1672. At the time of his birth the area of Moscow where he was born was characterized as weak and troubled. At several points the nation was threatened by hostile forces and in danger of extinction. Peter’s father died when Peter was ten years old. After this, Peter ruled as Tzar with his brother Ivan. After the death of Ivan, Peter the Great remained in the role as the country’s leader.

  • Peter the Great was proactive in instituting many reforms that allowed the country to emerge as a major power.
  • He was instrumental in the country’s growth in that he invited many craftsmen, engineers, architects and shipbuilders to Russia.
  • He sent hundreds of Russians to countries in the west to secure a good education and to learn about the crafts utilized in western countries.
  • Peter the Great influenced Russia's place in world trade

Peter the Great was very interested in Russia’s place in world trade. To secure a position in Baltic trade, he engaged in a war with Sweden, which lasted for twenty-one years. In 1703 he founded St. Petersburg. In 1712 Peter the Great named St. Petersburg as the nation’s capital. He oversaw the construction of the great city in an effort to fulfill his dream of making it the crown jewel of Europe. In 1721 the northern war ended and Peter the Great proclaimed himself the Emperor of Russia.

Following this year, he continued to make financial and political reforms. These reforms included establishing 10 semi-ministries called kollegii and establishing the Senate as the head of all government institutions. He increased manufacturing and trade by establishing a poll ta. Moreover, he organized a national army and established the Russian navy.

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