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Periodontal Disease Research Papers

Periodontal Disease research papers are custom written from the writers at Paper Masters that have an expertise in medical health research.

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Is thought that approximately 85% of adults have some stage of the disease. If this is the case, this means that periodontal disease is more prevalent than heart disease and cancer. The good news is that it is reversible if caught in its early stage. However, if left untreated it becomes irreversible and may ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal disease refers to a group of problems that arise in the crevice between the gum and the tooth or the gum sulcus. This region of the mouth is called the periodontium and contains the following areas: Periodontal Disease

  • Gum (gingiva)
  • The sulcus
  • The root surface (cementum)
  • Connective tissue attachments
  • Bone

The disease usually affects the gums as well as structures supporting the teeth.

Two Types of the Disease

The diseases are usually divided into two groups, have several different categories and progress through several different phases. The first group is called gingivitis which is an inflammation of the gingiva or gums. It is thought to affect over 90% of the population. Even though acute forms can occur, it is usually almost always chronic. People with gingivitis will notice that their gums bleed when they brush their teeth and that their gums will be red, tender, and swollen and may be detached from the teeth. Their teeth may be loose and actually change position and the individuals may notice a change in the way their teeth come together when they bite. They may also begin to suffer from chronic bad breath and have a bad taste in their mouth. If treated early, treatment may be very effective. However, if left untreated or managed badly after treatment, the disease can progress.

Periodontitis Disease

Periodontitis is the second and more serious group of periodontal diseases. In addition to an inflammation of the gum, redness and bleeding, the patient with periodontitis will have deep pockets (greater than 3 millimeters in depth) between the gum and tooth and will suffer a loss of connective tissue and bone, resulting in loose teeth.

Periodontal disease usually starts as gingivitis and then progresses from there to mild to moderate to advanced periodontitis. However, everyone who has gingivitis will not necessarily get periodontitis. In fact, some experts believe that they are two different diseases. The categories of periodontal disease include chronic periodontitis, aggressive periodontitis, disease-related periodontitis, and acute necrotizing periodontal disease.

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