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Pell Grants

A Pell Grants research paper should include an explication of increasing cost of higher education. Many people rely on Pell grants to help afford college tuition. Pell grants were first introduced in 1965 and named after Senator Pell of Rhode Island. The effectiveness of Pell grants have diminished over time as the cost of college exceeded the rate of grant increases. Twenty years ago they covered 60% of the cost of college, but today cover only about 30.

Pell Grants are awarded based on income and serve to allow low-income families access to college when they might not otherwise have been able to afford it. These can pay up to fifty five hundred dollars per year and additional money for summer attendance.

What is the Criteria for Getting a Pell Grant?

Pell Grants

Pell grants are determined according to the following criteria:

  1. The cost of attendance
  2. The expected family contribution
  3. Financial need
  4. Any other financial assistance you may be receiving

As part of the recent health care bill, the democrats attached a series of student loan reforms. This included removing the middle man for student loans and increasing the amount of Pell Grants. This reform will pay for an additional ten thousand dollars over a 4 year period.

These Pell Grants are necessary to allow us as a country to give opportunity to those that might not otherwise had it. It does us no good to leave these opportunities only to the wealthiest among us. We will be served best as a county if we allow for the best education for all Americans.

Other Steps to Help Make College More Affordable

In addition to Pell Grants we can take other steps to make college more affordable. Increasing funding of state colleges, further reforms of the student loan process to allow students easy access to credit, volunteer programs which could help students earn money to pay for books or living expenses. Perhaps even some additional programs where children could be put on college preparation programs in high school and earn additional funding for college if they achieve certain grades. All of these ideas, along with Pell Grants, will make college more affordable and accessible for all Americans.

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