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Research Papers on the Peace Treaty of Kadesh

This is a topic suggestion on Peace Treaty of Kadesh from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Excerpts of the Peace Treaty between Ramses II and Hattusili III were found on walls of the Karnak Temple in Amon Egypt and engraved upon clay (the Babylonian version, found in Asia Minor). This peace treaty is the result of the “inconclusive” Battle of Kadesh (1286-1269 BC) and shared opposition from the Sea People and Assyrians toward both the Hittites and Egyptians.

Peace Treaty of Kadesh - The Facts

This peace treaty is the earliest recorded diplomatic document to date. The following facts should be included in a research paper on the Peace Treaty of Kadesh:Peace Treaty of Kadesh

  • Copies of both the Hittite and the Egyptian versions have been found
  • A copy in the Akkadian language was also found.
  • The Egyptian version had been embellished with much praise to Ramses II
  • Embellishment of Ramses II is in keeping with the “more is better” lavishness of Egyptian elites during the New Kingdom. 

The New Kingdom, from 1567-1085 B.C., saw a rise in Egypt’s centralized power, and affluence unlike the world had witnessed prior to this time. Thus, Ramses II felt led to save face by not admitting defeat, by claiming glory for a victory he didn’t actually win, and for the treaty. Presented without the Ramsesian fluff, the Hittite copy seems to be more near the original.

Peace Treaty of Kadesh Agreement

Both copies do, however, contain the heart of the agreement, that each country would agree to not encroach upon the other and that each country would come to the aid of the other for military support if the need arose.  Also included in the treaty is an agreement that each country would extradite political refugees.  The treaty was sealed by mutual agreement that the ‘gods’ were considered witnesses of the treaty.

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