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Pamphlet/Patient Information Resource Project

Nursing courses often require students to make a pamphlet or a bulletin for patient information on a particular disease. Our nursing research paper writers can assist with creating a custom pamphlet or patient information resource on any disease you wish.

How to Organize a Pamphlet/Patient Information Resource Project

Purposes/Objectives of Pamphlet/Patient Information Resource Project Research Paper:

  1. Pamphlet/Patient Information Resource Project Identify possible diseases/illnesses that may require patient teaching
  2. Develop an age and development appropriate resource to be utilized for patient teaching.
  3. Apply current knowledge and continue to grow knowledge base in regards to disease and illness and how they are defined by:
  4. Gain comfort in teaching/presenting to your colleagues/peers/classmates

Instructions for Pamphlet/Patient Information Resource Project Research Paper:

  1. You are to choose a disease/illness/syndrome and develop a resource that would be appropriate to utilize as a teaching aid for either a patient (of identified age) or for a parent of a child with the chose disease/illness/syndrome.
  2. Your topic choice should be one that would be seen commonly in practice, not an obscure, rare disease.
  3. The disease/illness/syndrome you choose can be from any system of your choice: cardiac, respiratory, integumentary, renal, endocrine, GI, hematopoietic, etc.
  4. It is imperative that you collaborate with your colleagues/peers/classmates so as to not repeat the disease/illness/syndromes.


  1. You may choose the format/media presentation for your project. A pamphlet, information booklet, poster, power point, or video are just some of the choices. If you are considering an alternative other than what is listed, please consult with me prior to beginning your work.
  2. Each student is working independently on their own resource project.


  1. In addition to the actual patient education item that you create, you are required to complete a written summary/analysis of your project. This part of the project should follow the following guidelines:
    Type a double-spaced summary of how this pamphlet/poster, etc was developed.

At the minimum, answer the following questions within your summary:

  1. Why did you choose this disease/illness/syndrome?
  2. What resources were most helpful in developing this material for education?
  3. Why did you choose the format/media utilized?
  4. For what age group/target population did you create this for?
  5. Where would you place this resource?

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