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Palestinian and Israeli Conflict Research Papers

Research papers on the Palestinian and Israeli conflict show this conflict as the source of much of the discord in the Middle East. While the Palestinian and Israeli governments engage in a verbal and military battle, the citizens of each country are paying the real price. In both countries the people live in fear and uncertainty. For many in the Palestinian and Israeli Conflict, the realization that a terrorist bomb or a retaliatory move by the opposing government could effectively end their lives is real and persistent concept.

Palestinian and Israeli Conflict

Palestinian and Israeli conflict research papers point out that according to a recent report by the WHO, the health of the Palestinians has worsened significantly. The rising Palestinian and Israeli Conflict between the two countries has resulted in a reduction in basic medical care within the country and a rise in stillbirths and malnutrition. Additionally, the report detailed the effects of the conflict on the country’s children, stating that the nutritional situation for children has deteriorated rapidly. Many in Palestine must contend with the following:

  1. Damaged commercial and social infrastructure
  2. Tainted water supplies
  3. A deteriorating disposal system

In Israel, the situation is somewhat better, yet the citizens still awake and go to sleep each night in fear.

It is a peculiar vanity that afflicts political leaders that they tend to believe they have more power than they actually do.  They like to think of themselves as great actors on the stage of history, controllers of events and of the people they lead. Often they are just that, but not always.  Throughout all of human history, and certainly throughout the long history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the accumulated hatred between parties has caused violent outbursts.  The leaders have taken action to render these outbursts less harmful and less drastic, but their power over them has always been far from total.  This “second intifada” seems to be one such event. 

It is interesting to note in this context that one of the criticisms that has been leveled against President Clinton’s pushing for the Camp David Summit has been that he was in too big a rush, that his personal concern over his “legacy” made him engage in over-reach.  Such an accusation is not amenable to proof one way or another, but the fact is that the tragic events now going on give every appearance of being beyond the control of governmental elites.

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