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Palestinian Women Research Papers

Research on Palestinian women reveals that many changes are taking place. Research papers can be ordered custom written to focus on any aspect of Palestinian women that you need studied and put into a paper.

A great topic for a research paper on the women of Palestine is the following:

What unique role do the Palestinian women play in politics/liberation movement/intifada/holy war? Any gender issues involving politics? Analyze their political role.

It is an excellent idea to use work from Julie Peteet and Suad Joseph if possible. If you find articles written by them for all sources that is fine but try to mix your source material up and find a variety of opinions.

Palestinian Woman

LAYOUT: A good Research Paper should be organized according to the follow structure:

  1. Begin the paper by presenting the problem of the paper. Why is it an important problem? If there is a story or history or context that helps set the stage for the paper, present it at this point in a paragraph or two.
  2. The second section should present the nature of the scholarly debate over how to understand or define or explain the problem. Specific scholars and their arguments should be mentioned here.
  3. The third section should construct a paragraph in which you present the order of the main points and themes you are going to develop in the essay. As you present the order, write out a complete sentence describing each point and how it is tied to one or more themes. For each theme, explain the type of evidence you are presenting.
  4. The body of the paper should proceed from one theme to the next. Give a title for each theme. Be sure to give the definition or delineate the dimensions of each when you first introduce it. Present many details and specifics to illustrate and to develop different aspects of the theme and to support generalizations. Be sure to let the reader know how all the details connect to the theme. Avoid presenting a series of unsubstantiated generalizations. End the discussion of each theme by tying it back to the beginning of the paper–the problem or the thesis if you have one. Work on transitions between sections of the essay.
  5. The conclusion of the paper should briefly restate the main points of the essay and present a one-sentence conclusion that captures what you demonstrated about how to analyze the problem of the essay.

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