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Ovid's the Art of Love

Upon first reading Ovid’s “The Art of Love,” one cannot help but appalled at manner by which Ovid presents how to search for the perfect mate.  Although Ovid’s account is not lurid, certain passes seem to connote an air of patriarchy, which in may respects seems to subvert the intended theme of the poem: love.  Arguably, there are a plethora of passage that elucidate this point. For the male it seems that women will simply throw themselves at his feet.  Especially older women as their prospects are few and far between.Ovid's the Art of Love

The one that seems to stand out among others is the following:

Are you attracted by early and still ripening years? A real maid will come before your eyes.  Would you have a full grown beauty? A thousand such will please you, and try as you will you will not know which one to choose.  Or do you perchance prefer a later and staider age? Still more numerous will be their array.

What is perhaps most interesting about this passage, and he text in general is the fact that I perpetuated many of the stereotypes that are typically associated with gender in American society.  As a result, it seems that male dominance and his ability to make women woo surpasses all other skills that a male will learn in his life.  While the images of male dominance in American society are not quite as overt as those presented by Ovid, the reality is that everywhere one looks, popular culture still holds to the belief that man, through his machismo has the ability to be master of all he surveys, even women.

Making rather astute observations about the role that men, women and sexuality plays in popular culture, Ovid's The Art of Love term papers remark on the fact that although gender stereotypes are not as overt as they were several decades ago, there are subtle messages that are conveyed through images and text that clear show male dominance over women. 

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