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Research Papers on Overfishing of Tuna

Research papers on the overfishing of tuna would begin with a look at the historical problem of overfishing in national and international waters. There are many other aspects to this problem so be careful when flushing out the research. Topics you will want to include in your project on overtfishing included the following:

  • Which species of tuna have been threatened most as a result of overfishing
  • Which species have been forced into extinction because of the practice of overfishing. Overfishing of Tuna
  • Research papers on the overfishing of tuna would also investigate the implications this practice has on other wildlife and ecosystems in general
  • The survival of the bluefin tuna in particular
  • Examination of the strategies that have been implemented to control overfishing of tuna in the past
  • What is currently being done to stop the overfishing of the bluefin tuna in particular.

The issue of overfishing in national and international waters has been a growing concern over the last several decades. The overfishing of tuna however has recently gained considerable attention, with the research showing that the overfishing of bluefin tuna in particular threatening to completely eradicate the species in just a few short years. The problem is primarily the result of overfishing by commercial fishing boats however illegal fishing has compounded the threat. Although the bluefin tuna is always in great demand, many restaurants and retailers around the world have decided to play a role in protecting the species by boycotting its sale and distribution. Experts maintain that the decline and complete eradication of the bluefin tuna can only be prevented by a complete halt in the commercial and illegal overfishing of the species.

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