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Out of Many Research Papers

From Columbus' first voyage of discovery to the New World to the first colonies settled, the recollections of Out of Many provide a rare opportunity for encouraging scholarly and public consideration of a wide variety of topics relating to the encounter of different peoples and cultures. Paper Masters will custom write on any topic found in the excellent historical review of the American people.

Ranging from ethical and moral issues to problems of species survival, such topics are central to an understanding of world history during the past five centuries and even influence the way we think about our own polytechnic society.Out of Many

The book Out of Many focuses on the following:

  1. A period in history during which many social forces converged to produce one of the greatest epochs of all time
  2. It has a multi-cultural orientation
  3. Out of Many utilizes cross-disciplinary analysis from a variety of fields

In order for people with different world views to coexist peacefully, we must bridge the gap between their realities. But how?  One way is to establish a commonality between the two groups and work toward mutual understanding. Though this process sounds simple on the surface, it is much harder to accomplish because of the complex and varied nature of humanity.  Without this accomplishment, survival of both species is not possible. 

When the English and Spanish settled in America, they had every intention of claiming the land and riches for their own.  The actual purpose of settling in America was not as much for religious freedom as for freedom of the economic strains that they were under in Europe.  America was the land of gold and an escape from the dismal social, political and economic conditions of Europe.  They fled their homeland out of survival of the human condition.  However, upon landing in America, they would learn a new meaning to survival - Elementary Maslow's hierarchy of needs type survival.  The fulfillment of physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization in every human is essential.  In retrospect, we can see why the new colonials needed the Native Americans to ensure their survival.

Christopher Columbus reveals the first reason that the explorers needed Native Americans.  Their sole purpose was to bring back riches and find the wealth that was experienced by other explorers before them.  When Columbus realized he wasn't where he thought he was, he decided to use the Native Americans to "acquire gold".  Columbus knew he had to go back to Spain with gold or he would meet with a very angry Queen Isabelle and have no where to turn for future expeditions.  In Columbus's account of meeting with the first Native Americans, he speaks only of their outer appearance and possession of gold.  "Monday, Oct.22nd.  Through the night and today we remained waiting here to see if the king, or any others would bring us gold or anything valuable".  Nothing intrinsic or humanly compassionate was written about their life, culture or habits. Gold was survival for the first explorers.

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