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Organizing Your Research

Paper Masters guarantees that if you follow our suggestions for writing your research paper, writing the research paper will be easy and it will flow right off your fingertips. The main reason we can guarantee this is that we show you how to organize your research in a way that clarifies the topic as well as outlines your paper nearly automatically. Organization is the key and here is what we suggest to our writers to for organizing their research papers.

Begin by gathering the source material you’ve found in EBSCOHost, the Library, Primary Sources on the Internet, and any other journal articles you’ve found. Separate each source via subtopic. If you’ve physically gathered sources, put them in piles according to subtopic. If you have electronically gathered the sources, make a new folder in your bookmarks or favorites and put links in there, like you see below.
Organizing Your Research




Once all your sources are divided into sub-topics

Sort them into a chronological order that will flow in the way that you wish your paper to be presented in. Jot down an outline of each subtopic.

  • Take your outline and brainstorm what you want to say. Write down your ideas under each subtopic.
  • Now look at the articles and sources you’ve gathered. Write down what they have to say that support your thesis or add information to your notes regarding the sub-topic.
  • Once you have your notes added to your outline of the sources, you have the rough structure of your project. Now number each subtopic in the order in which you wish it to appear in your paper and you have the rough draft of your paper right before your eyes!

There are also several online tools that help you organize your research.