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Organizational Theory, Design and Change

Businesses study organizational theory, design and change to better optimize their structure. MBA students often need topics for research papers regarding these issues. Get ideas here from Paper Masters on organizational analysis.

Here are 14 questions that can inspire you on a topic for a research paper regarding organizational theory, design and change to respond. Please review the 14 essay questions below:


  1. What is the relationship among organizational theory, organizational design and change, and organizational structure and culture?Organizational Theory, Design and Change
  2. What is the role of the top management team and how are these roles applied to create an ethical organization. Consider the example of Kinko’s and Johnson & Johnson organizations?
  3. A small U.S. auto parts manufacturer says it faces environmental forces that are out of its control, such as low-cost labor costs abroad. Is this organization at the mercy of its environment?
  4. What are some ways a company can design its structure to foster innovative behavior?
  5. The CEO of a mid-sized software company is determined to keep the hierarchy at a minimum number of levels. Will this affect the organization’s ability to control activities? What do you suggest?
  6. As a consultant to a technological company, you find in surveys that most employees are stressed in their jobs. Complaints include different people telling employees to do different things, and employees not having the opportunity to get to know coworkers. What is the problem and how can it be resolved?
  7. How can a manager develop an innovative culture?
  8. Due to intense competition, an organization has decided to move from a global strategy to a transnational strategy. What can this company do to ensure that it successfully pursues a transnational strategy?
  9. A pharmaceutical company concentrates on developing drugs to help diabetes patients. Why is this company focusing on one medical area?
  10. An organization is experiencing strong resistance from its middle managers regarding a restructuring. What techniques can the organization use to facilitate the restructuring?
  11. A large organization has lost money two years consecutively. Top management is reluctant to make radical changes, and stakeholders are starting to withdraw their support. What stage of the organizational life cycle is this company in and what can it do to prevent organizational death?
  12. A new CEO of a large manufacturing company has noticed that although he or she has emphasized the importance of organizational learning, little learning has occurred. What steps can be taken at the various levels in this company to foster learning?
  13. An organization hires a large amount of entrepreneurs, but they seem to get frustrated because they cannot get approval for their projects. These entrepreneurs often leave the organization and achieve success on their own. What can this organization do to both determine whether a product will be successful, and keep the entrepreneurs?
  14. A CEO of a new organization says that he refuses to engage in politics and that he does not want any conflict in his company. What problems do you see with this attitude?


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