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Opposing Gay Marriage

Even though gay marriage is sanctioned by the United States Supreme Court, there are still those that oppose gay marriage. Research papers on opposing gay marriage examine the rational behind wanting to oppose the marriage of homosexuals. Below are topic suggestions on research projects that oppose gay marriage:

  • Opposing gay marriage for religious reasons
  • Opposing gay marriage in light of political rational
  • Opposing gay marriage ethically

Looking closely at the issue of gay marriage, it seems that the primary forces that have shaped the debate over the topic stem from the definition of marriage.  In Canada, where the practice of gay marriage has been made legal, the definition of marriage had to be changed in order to permit same sex couples to marry.  According to one author, marriage is “A covenant signifying Christ’s relationship with the Church”.  Opposing Gay MarriageBy this argument, marriage must therefore be: free, exclusive, permanent and fruitful.  Thus marriage is to include opposite sex partners that are capable of making a long-term commitment and producing children.

Changing the definition of Marriage

Based on this reasoning, those who oppose the practice of gay marriage argue that changing this definition—so that same sex partners can be included—changes the basic moral principle and meaning of the covenant.  “If love, marriage and family can be interpreted to include anything and everything, then they mean absolutely nothing. And if they mean nothing, then they accomplish nothing—or worse, detract from the lives of individuals and society as a whole”.  Thus, changing the definition of marriage not only undermines the institution of marriage itself, it also undermines the whole of society.

Gay Marriage and the History of Marriage

Supporting the argument that same-sex marriage undermines the basic constructs of society, one author notes that since the beginning of civilization man has felt it in the best interests of the community and the state to set legal guideline for the purpose of marriage.  These guidelines were not established because they attempted to discriminate against any segment of society; rather they were developed because they served the need of the state to institutionalize the procreation of children.  “The interests of society in marriage and the family justify some substantial regulation of intimate interpersonal relations.  Historically, societies have given unique and special preference to heterosexual marriage because of the benefits the institution provides for society in general and for individual women, men, and children in particular”.

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