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Omoo Research Papers

Research papers on the book Omoo, by Herman Melville, are custom written at Paper Masters. Paper Masters can help explain this sequel to Melville's Typee according to what you need for an American Literature class or any instructions your professor gives.

Facts about Omoo by Melville

  1. Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas is the second novel written by Herman Melville.
  2. Published in 1847, Omoo is a sequel to his first book, Typee, which appeared the previous year.
  3. Both Omoo and Typee are loosely based on Melville’s own experiences as a sailor aboard a whaling ship and the period he spent on the Polynesian island of Nuku Hiva.

What to Write about in Omoo


The plot of Omoo follows the narrator after being rescued from the Typee, taken aboard the British whaling ship Julia. However, the ship is ill managed and several men attempt to desert. Sickness and rats plague the old ship, and when the captain, a main character falls ill, course is set for Tahiti. Once there, the crew mutinies and are imprisoned on the island, setting of the theme.

At the time of its publication, critics hailed Omoo and lauded Melville as a literary genius. However, this reputation was short lived and Melville’s career quickly declined. After the publication of Pierre in 1852, Melville was savaged in the press and largely abandoned writing fiction. In order to feed his family, Melville first turned to the lecture circuit, but was eventually forced to take a job as the customs inspector for New York City. This marked the end of his literary career, but Melville was known for being scrupulously honest in an institution that had a reputation for corruption. It was not until the 1920s that Melville’s literary reputation was reassessed.

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