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Occupational Sexism

Occupational sexism is the process by which people are discriminated against in a professional environment for their sex. It can happen in any work environment and to people of both sexes. It should be noted that occupational sexism is illegal in terms of the discriminatory practices that it promotes. In the modern work environment, there are protections in place to guard against occupational sexism. Occupational SexismHowever, in the past, it was a commonplace practice, particularly for women who were just entering the workforce. Recognizing occupational sexism and stopping it in its track is key to ensuring that it does not persist in the professional environment.

Occupational sexism can be characterized in various ways. This includes in statements, actions or words; it can even be represented in the form of shared emails that are sexist in nature. The various ways in which occupational sexism can take form is what makes it hard to recognize at times. For instance, many people may not realize that sharing offensive emails can represent sexism or making certain remarks to people of the opposite sex is considered offensive. Occupational sexism can persist without education, which is why it is so important to recognize and acknowledge. The differences between the sexes is not the issue as much as it is an acknowledgement of how important it is to respect those differences and treat people equally.

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