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Nursing Shortage Literature Reviews

A literature review on the shortage of nurses in health care today is an excellent topic for any nursing student or medical school attendee. Have Paper Masters custom write your lit review on the nursing shortage and bring you up to speed on the factors that have caused this problem in the health care system today.

Amid the concerns of a nursing shortage, there does not seem to be any one major theme. Over the last ten years we’ve seen complex multiple factors dominate the US where fewer nurses are entering the workforce and acute nursing shortages dictate certain geographic areas. There is a growing realization that the supply of appropriately prepared nurses is inadequate to meet the needs of a diverse population.

Nursing Shortages

The new nursing shortage is evidenced by a study forecasting fewer nurses entering the workforce as well as a shortage of critical care nurses who are essential in areas such as ICU, OR and OB-GYN. The following are factors that have affected the nursing enrollment over the past few years:

  1. An aging workforce
  2. A decline in enrollment in US nursing schools
  3. An ever-increasing hospital demand for nurses contributes to a nurse’s shortage.

The nursing profession’s biggest decline will come as the first of 78 million Baby Boomer's begin to retire and enroll in Medicare in 2010. Nursing Shortage Literature Reviews

Other Careers for Nurses

The supply for nursing professionals is very tight because many individuals are choosing other careers such as the technology sector or are entering other medical areas like managed care. The lack of supply and great demand for people has impeded hospital’s hiring registered nurses.  Public outcry has caused hospitals to increase nursing staffs in a very competitive hiring environment, and while many hospitals made inroads to find a solution for the shortage by offering sign-on bonuses or assistance in relocation, more needs to be explored as to how to retain and keep qualified nurses.

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