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Nursing and Physician Shortage Research Papers

Does this Nursing/ Physician Shortage assignment look familiar? Many professors assign topics just like this and our writer’s custom write each one.

Select a significant contemporary issue in health care write a research paper analyzing its impact on consumers and the health care delivery system.

Below is a list of some topics consideration:

  • Nursing/ Physician ShortageBaby-boomers
  • Un-insured/Underinsured
  • Immigrants
  • The older old (80+)
  • Nursing/Physician shortage

Your Nursing/Physician Shortage Research Paper should focus on this significant contemporary issue in health care.

How to Write a Research Paper on Nursing Physician Shortage Research Paper


  1. Overview the shortage of nurses and physicians (engage reader interest in the topic)
  2. Preview the main sections of the research paper (background, problem statement, research recommendations)


  1. Social concerns – Why is the topic of concern to society as a whole?
  2. Theoretical interest – Why is the topic of concern to scholarly researchers?


  1. General problem – A clear statement identifies the need for study
  2. Specific problem – Specific NUMBERS are provided to document the scope of the problem; CITATIONS from credible sources (preferably peer-reviewed references) are provided

NOTE: The LACK of a solution is not a problem. Do not identify the absence of a solution as your “problem” – clearly state the PROBLEM itself. There must be a COMPELLING problem before research can be justified.


  1. General significance - What is the contribution this research may make to current and future generations?
  2. Leadership significance - In what way may the results of this research add to the body of leadership knowledge literature?

Research question(s) – One or two BROAD questions stating the main topic in need of study. Make sure you RQ(s) meet these important criteria:

  1. Clear – Understandable terms
  2. Concise – No unnecessary words; succinct presentation
  3. Objective – No bias is present in the phrasing
  4. Open-ended – No dichotomous (i.e., yes/no) type questions
  5. Question – Phrased as a QUESTION not a statement

Research recommendations for Nursing/Physician Shortage Research Paper:

  1. Research method – What research method (quantitative, qualitative or mixed) is most appropriate for this type of research? Why?
  2. Research Design – What research designs (survey, experiment, focus group, content analysis, observation, meta-analysis, etc.) is most appropriate? Why?
  3. Sample – Who or what might be sampled in the study? Why is this sample appropriate for the topic? Where might you be able to collect data from this sample?

Summary for Nursing Shortage and Physician Shortage Research Paper:

  1. Key points are concisely reviewed
  2. Supporting citations are given for key points
  3. A strong call to action concludes the analysis
  4. Originality of Ideas & Research - Effective demonstration of analytical skills, originality and creativity
  5. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework - Strong review of relevant and current literature, including information about competing concepts/theories
  6. Use of Literature - Scholarly research with appropriate text citations throughout the analysis
  7. Substantive Value - Provides important background information which can be used by your organization
  8. Clarity and Logic of Presentation
  9. Grammar and Adherence to APA Format
  10. APA Citations
  11. APA References
  12. APA Format
  13. Spelling & grammar

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