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Nursing Leadership

A common assignment on Nursing Leadership is as follows:

Nursing Leadership Research Paper looks at the nursing and health care environments as a key examples of how forward looking objectives and an enhanced leadership vision are vital to successful management and leadership. Today’s health care system is vulnerable to numerous changes not only in advancing medical technologies and procedures but also in the costs to administer and manage them.  As a result, health care managers are increasingly being required to evaluate how resulting demands like cost containment, managed care, restructuring and even downsizing must fit into the development of their  management and leadership skills and responsibilities.

The Nursing Leadership Research Paper may include the following elements to insure that all aspects of the topic of leadership are covered well:

  1. Nursing Leadership A review of the chosen topic
  2. A critical review of the relevant literature available on the topic
  3. A review of it’s relevance to nursing leadership and management
  4. What the implications are for nursing
  5. Nursing care and health care now and the future

Nursing Leadership Paper Guidelines

The paper will address the leadership component of a current issue that of being experienced in today’s work life. Relevant terms, concepts, history and definitions will be included. Your project will want to show how successful management and leadership for the next century clearly requires a major focus on who will be led and how they will be led. Consequently, leaders must know who their constituents or subordinates are as well as what their capabilities and their needs are. While the concept of what makes a great leader has not changed significantly, the demographics of those will be lead by tomorrow’s leaders has. Today’s work force has had a major makeover in comparison to how it looked even a decade ago. More and more women are entering the work force, as are an increasing number of minority groups and they are occupying positions that were generally confined to an all white, all male representation. 

The cultural and demographic changes that are expected to continue to occur throughout the next century will require the organization’s leaders to reevaluate their approach to management in a variety aspects including recruiting, hiring, training and human resources. Traditional methods of handling these processes with have to be redefined to address the gender and cultural needs of a diverse work force as well as both the advantages and challenges such diversity brings with it



  1. Clearly describe a current issue /concern - Leadership is all about developing ways in which others will be motivated to follow.  In essence, leadership requires setting an example that others can follow and that will meet the vision and accomplish the objectives that have been determined by the organization.  Risk taking is the ideal scenario in which leaders can set examples for others within the organization.  Kouzes and Posner suggest that there is no harm in demonstrating one’s vulnerability to others, even at the risk of failure, and that it is one of the most efficient ways to motivate others to be willing to do the same


  1. Review of relevant literature on issue
  2. Review of it’s relevance to nursing leadership and management
  3. Implications for nursing, nursing care and health care now and the future

Nursing Leadership Paper Conclusion:

  1. Summary - The research demonstrates that, although many of the traditional characteristics of management and leadership will remain the same, their development into the next century will require enhancements that will be geared to addressing consistent changes in technology and the work force.  The concept and development of leadership and management cannot remain static while the most significant aspects of an organization are constantly in a state of flux and evolution.  The development of successful management and leadership techniques and strategies will have to include a concerted focus on addressing advancing technologies that present new business challenges as well as an increasingly diverse work force that presents human resource challenges.  Only then will leadership truly evolve to meet the challenges and capitalize on the advantages of the 21st century.
  2. Personal Reflection on the topic discussed - Although many of the characteristics of leadership will remain the same, the leaders of the future will be required to enhance those characteristics in order to meet the challenges of an evolving business environment.  Attention to character building will be essential to balancing the pressures associated with managing greater responsibilities within the organization while supporting those who may be less prepared or committed to handling them.

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