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Research Papers on Nurses in World War II

This is a topic suggestion on Nurses in World War II from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be. Our professional nursing writers have studied the history of the nursing profession and can custom write on any topic you need.

World War II was an opportunity for women to illustrate their equality in many ways. In World War II, women took on a number of professions:

  1. Women worked in factories
  2. Women served in the military
  3. Women took over as athletes in America’s national pastime.

Nurses in World War IIHowever, nowhere were women more prominent and effective than when they were working as nursing professionals during World War II. Women stepped up and took responsibility for serving their country in any way they could, whether it was on a naval base in Hawaii, a medical facility in Middle America, or an army hospital in France.

Women in WWII

Women serving in the military were often found in nursing corps; this area, more than any other, offered women the chance to serve their country as effectively as the soldiers they were bandaging up. However, with such practices came consequences, as well. Time and time again, women were captured when American forces lost certain battles; women were injured or even killed in attacks. Women risked their lives each and every day to provide their fellow patriots with medical care, saving many lives in the process. They were present in the front lines; they were subjected to air raids and ground assaults. Women who made selfless sacrifices to their nation were awarded for it, posthumously if necessary. Countless women were given the military’s greatest honor: the Purple Heart. While the overwhelming number of individuals serving in the military were male, women’s contributions to the war effort are not to be forgotten, whether they were providing medical care on the home front or abroad.

World War I as a Beginning for Women

When the United States entered World War I in April 1917, the NAWSA pledged its support. Thousands of suffragists folded bandages in their local headquarters and volunteered to work in hospitals and government offices. Once again, the suffrage leaders hoped that after the war American women would be rewarded with the vote for their patriotic efforts. The war drew 1 1/2 million men from the workforce, women quickly took their places. For the first time, private industry and the government recruited women to work in steel mills, railroad yards, oil refineries, munitions plants, and aircraft factories. Also included is a look at the Women's Land Army, which trained women for agricultural work. Although not widely extended to women of color, there was a growing acceptance of women's expanded work roles in business and industry.

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