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Nurse Corps

How do you start a Nurse Corps research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Working as a member of the nursing corps, whether it is the United States army, navy, or air force, is one of the most prestigious positions for a woman wanting to serve her country. The following are the United States Military divisions of the Nurse Corps:Nurse Corps

  • Army Nurse Corps
  • Navy Nurse Corps
  • Air Force Nurse Corps

While the Army Nurse Corps and the Naval Nurse Corps were established in the early part of the 20th century, 1901 and 1908, respectively, the Air Force Nurse Corps is much more restrictive and limited. Historically, all have offered women the chance to serve their country in a way that did not involve traditional armed combat; by treating the wounds of soldiers who are fighting the battles, the nurses serving in these corps are able to do their patriotic duty.

In World War II, the Navy Nurse Corps had nearly 1,800 active participants and over 9,000 on reserve; the Army Nurse Corps would come to have nearly 54,000 total participants. Women in these various branches were often from a variety of ethnic backgrounds; some were African American, helping to eliminate the color barrier that persisted in the American armed forces. These women were subject to repeated attacks and assaults; some were even taken as prisoners of war.

In recent generations, members of the nurse corps have taken on a host of humanitarian missions throughout the globe. Serving as members of our armed forces, these nursing professionals allow us to provide care and support for nations that need it, without risking the political entanglements that can come with the presence of armed troops. Nursing professionals working in various military groups are essential to the success of our military, something that has been supported by the high levels of prestige and award that are given to these talented veterans.

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