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North American Chemical Association

If you have a project that involves information from or about the North American Chemical Association, the writers at Paper Masters can assist you. We have seen many topics on the NACA and have experts that can shed light into the goals, mission and future plans of the NACA in light of an ever increasing chemically challenged world. Some topics of interest on the NACA are as follows:

  • Ethical considerations for the NACA programs
  • The NACA and the government
  • Lobbying history of the NACA
  • How the North American Chemical Association structures itself within the chemical industry

Background Summary
The North American Chemical Association (NACA) represents the chemical industry and chemical companies throughout the United States and Canada. In response to an increasingly tarnished public image influenced by issues that have necessitated the enactment of legislation designed to regulate the industry and ensure public safety, the NACA has created a task force to investigate public concerns with the industry. The findings indicate that, while the public recognizes that chemicals have improved standards of living, they are still concerned about the threat that chemicals and chemical production present to public health and safety and to the environment. A public communication campaign designed to improve the industry’s public image has demonstrated only mixed results and has failed to influence a broad shift in opinion by the public concerning issues like waste disposal and air/water pollution.

North American Chemical Association

Problem Identification
The chemical industry’s public image has been tarnished by a dramatic increase of legislation during the 1970s that has spotlighted the public health and safety issues associated with the industry. Although the NACA has implemented two phases of public communication advertising to improve the chemical industry’s public image, it has failed to achieve the level of improvement anticipated by the NACA.

Internal and External Factors
Although the chemical industry was marked by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1971 as one of the specific industries included in its Target Industries Program, which targeted industries for intensive regulatory efforts, there has been little change in terms of publicly identifiable improvements in public and work safety standards. On the contrary, the 1970s were marked by a dramatic increase in legislation addressing health and safety issues related to the chemical industry.

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