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New Medical Technology

New medical technology is emerging on a near daily basis, transforming medicine and the ability to change people’s lives for the better. Companies around the world are looking for ways to deliver less expensive, faster, and more efficient patient care. New medical technology covers everything from electronic aspirin to artificial hearts, turning science fiction into science fact. New Medical Technology

One of the most exciting revolutions in new medical technology is the development of microchip modeling clinical trials. Smaller than a human thumb, these microchips can eliminate the need for animals in clinical trials and reconstruct the interface between human organs and capillaries without the need for sacrificing lab animals. Technology such as 3D printed biological materials are allowing for the construction of artificial skin, bone, and blood vessels, Scientist hope one day to use this technology to build entire human organs, possibly saving countless lives waiting on transplant lists.

Another emerging new medical technology is that of the digestible sensor. A person would swallow this pill-sized sensor that would then send information on the body’s working to the doctor without the need for a physical exam. By detecting disease at early stages, people’s lives would be improved, providing humans with better quality of life.

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